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Free Apple iPads? Honestly?

Unless you live under a rock, you have probably heard of the iPad, the latest product from Apple, makers of the iPhone, iPod, MacBook and Macintosh computers. Apple keeps coming up with hit after hit in the personal electronics and computing sector, and the iPad is just their latest success. There have been news reports and anecdotal accounts of certain iPad testers whose task it is to rate the iPad, and who are allowed to keep their iPads. That sounds like a free iPad to me!

No, that’s not a sugar-free iPad or a fat-free iPad; it’s just a plain Free Ipad. Who would refuse an offer from Apple itself to become an iPad tester? I can’t imagine you’d really be obligated to do hours and hours of backbreaking labor in order to satisfy your end of the deal. Who has seen one of these lucky Apple iPad testers?

I can’t say, and I’m not sure who could. Apple has no reason to give them away, so far. Another PR nightmare like the iPhone antenna malfunction may force them to spend a lot more on iPad user tests. However, when people are willing to spend $499 just to take a baseball bat to the iPad on opening day, it would seem that Apple just doesn’t need to give iPads away.

So what to do when you see a site advertise free iPads? Well, you could click on it and see what happens, but that might not be a great idea if you aren’t surfing on a Mac. These kinds of offers sound too good to be true, so they may be lures for spyware or trojans.

Anyone surfing in the Windows OS should first check that URL for malware with one of the many free security services. If the site comes up clean, why not navigate through it and even apply to become one of the few Apple iPad testers? You could actually save five hundred or a thousand dollars, true? What’s the worst you could do; spend a couple minutes signing up, to no avail? In these tough economic times, lots of people wouldn’t bat an eye at a gamble like that.

The possible upside, of course, is getting your eager mitts on a free iPad. How crazy might it be for Apple to spend another ten or twenty thousand dollars on user testing? That actually seems reasonable. Just don’t end up with a C drive full of malware trying to find out.


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